18 Nov
Trust Your Gut

We've all heard the phrase 'trust your gut'. 

As a therapist I have heard many parents say their pediatrician was not worried once they voiced their concerns for their child's speech, language and/or social development.

Many times parents will stop there. 

But we say, Trust Your Gut. 

If you continue to have concerns after visiting your pediatrician, reach out to a therapy office near you.

It is better to be safe and get your concerns looked into by a therapist if: 

  1. You or others are unsure of what your child is saying (Speech)
  2. Your child is not making early sounds such as /h/,/b/, /p/, /d/, /m/, /n/, /t, /k/ in words. (Speech)
  3. Your child's speech sounds slushy (Speech)
  4. Your child tries to produce words but the words don't sound quiet right, a sound is missing or another sound is placed in place of the correct sound, your child leave the ending off words or the beginning or even simplifies words with multiple syllables and makes them into shorter sounding words. (Speech)
  5. Your child uses limited vocabulary or 1 to 3 words at a time (not longer phrases, sentences etc.) (Language)
  6. Your child gets frustrated when trying to communicate or experiences communication breakdown (Language)
  7. Your child has disruptions in the fluid movement of their speech (Fluency)
  8. Your child does not respond to their name, does not use appropriate eye contact, does not greet others, evokes concerns for social language skills (Language: Pragmatics)
  9. Your child does not use toys or objects appropriately, does not follow 1 step directions (Language)

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of areas that may lead you to be concerned. 

Research shows that early intervention is BEST! 

That means that if you have concerns, it is best to get them looked into by someone qualified to diagnosis them as soon as possible. 

Ask for a screener. 

What are screeners, you ask?

Screeners are quick assessments to determine whether a full in depth evaluation is warranted. They are typically cheaper and quicker than an evaluation and could be an option to look into before investing in a full evaluation. 

Note: Some schools will do screeners if you ask. Some therapy offices offer screenings free of charge.

Reach out to us or a therapist near you to learn more. 

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