28 Nov
Cyber Monday Speech/Language Deals

The holidays can be a very busy time. We wanted to help you get a head start on some shopping as well as savings while also PROMOTING speech and language skills. 

The items on this list are just ideas, but let us tell you more about what kind of gifts can promote communication!

Ask yourself: How can you use gifts to promote speech or language skills? 

Things to look for in gifts:

1. Can you use verbal models (words) while playing with the gift? 

Such as label verbs (actions): 'go', 'stop', prepositions: 'in', 'out', Environmental sounds:  animal sounds, car sounds etc., label nouns (person, place thing) etc.

2. Sensory input: Will my child like or be challenged with different textures in this gift?

Sensory bins, necklaces, weighted items etc. All offer various sensory inputs and can be a good way to get children to engage in activities.

3. Is the toy associated with a theme my child likes?

If your child is interested in dinosaurs or space it's okay to get different toys around the same theme to get them interested and engaged. Ex: Dino sensory bin, Dino books, Dino's placed inside a magnetic building ( with tiles that you exchange for desired output) etc. 

4. Can the toy target an area of need my child currently has?

Think of your child's need. Perhaps ask their therapist or reach out to find out what is age appropriate. If your child has autism for example you may looks for gifts that gear towards social focus like feelings/emotions, or turn-taking games. If your child is a toddler maybe something with colors, shapes, and animals will help with basic concepts. Older children may need more engaging books on their level or with a theme that interests them. 

Asking yourself these questions is a good way to start being mindful about how to promote more speech and language skills when buying gifts. Take a look at our list below to help give you more ideas. 

Simply click on the hyperlink and it will bring you to amazon for these Cyber Monday Deals!

Magnetic Building Tiles 

Farm book

Basic Concept Puzzles 

Big Feelings Pineapple 

Sight word Autism Toy 

Feelings Flashcard Game 

My First Soft Books - Vocabulary 

Fidget Bundle 

Sensory Letters 

Sensory Necklaces 

Dino sensory bin 

Sand Ice Cream Sensory Bin

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