Have concerns? Not sure if you need a full evaluation? We provide screening with written feedback to look into your concerns and will let you know if a full evaluation is warranted.


Do you have a referral from a doctor? Has more than a year passed since the last evaluation and you need updated data? We administer a variety of evaluations that will detail in writing a diagnosis, areas of strengths/weakness, goals and recommendations.

Therapy Sessions

We offer therapy session that fit your need. Tele-therapy, in-home or at your child's school/daycare (locally near Wesley Chapel, FL). Our sessions range from 30-60 minutes.

Parent Consultations

In specific circumstances, parents may be looking to have expert input and/or support. This could include weekly parent session with access to resources, strategies, modeling, etc. where a client themselves is not actively involved in the session but caregivers are obtaining the information to carryover into the home setting.

IEP Support

We can use our experience in the Florida school system to help you advocate for your student's communication needs. If you'd like us to be part of your team, reach out and we can help you understand the IEP process, what communication looks like in school verse private practice and how we can help you in this area.

Special Needs Community Connection

We have created a special needs Facebook page as a platform for families with special needs to gain access to resources, share information and build a community together. Not all members of the group are clients of ours and you do not have to be a client to join. This platform is for pediatric as well as adult special needs individuals and families. Find us on facebook and look for our group to join!

YouTube Channel

We've created a YouTube Channel as a platform to host relevant materials for YOU! We continue to add to our channel regularly. If there is content you'd like so see more of just let us know!